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Educational Toys for Tots that Teach and Encourage

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Technology has developed a large selection of toys for tots that teach children at very early ages.  We all want our children to grow into brilliant, well-adjusted adults.  Now, even children as young as one-year-old have the ability to learn from educational toys and develop cognitive and motor skills.   These toys can expand children’s ….  Read More

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Why Hooked-on-Phonics is A Top Rated Educational Toy

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Hooked-on-Phonics is a top-ranked educational toy that teaches children reading, writing, and math.  These skills are taught in a fun way using games, books, and CDs.  The focus is on the child having fun and enjoying learning.  This program is designed by age group, with the youngest grouping from 3 to 5 year-olds.  Secondly, the ….  Read More

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Educational Toys Recruit Entire Family for Child Development

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It’s a fact that educational toys bring families closer.  When families learn together, they grow together.  Children often are heard saying how they want to be like mommy or daddy when they grow up.  Educational toys, however, move the child past becoming someone they are not, and they teach them to develop their own skills ….  Read More