Making Wearable Crafts That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Kids tutu

Kids tutu

Crafts are a fun way to spend time with your children.  Besides being fun, wearable crafts can be worn after the children have finished their creations.  The following are some ideas you can try out that the kids will love to wear.


Most little girls fantasize about being a ballerina and wearing a tutu.  So this is a great way to make her dreams come true!  Below you’ll find the directions on how to make a tutu at home without spending a lot of money.


  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or a rotary cutter
  • A strip of elastic, 1/2-inch wide and cut to fit around your child’s waist
  • 6 to 8 yards of tulle (the net-like fabric that bridal veils are often made of)


Measure your child’s waist with a tape measure and buy a piece of elastic that is cut to match that length.  Take the tulle and cut into 6 inch wide strips that are 18 inches long. (you can make them using different colors or longer if you choose)

Take 3 tulle strips and lay them on top of each other and then fold them in half over the elastic.  Tie the group of tulle strips into a knot around/over the elastic.  Repeat this process until you have tulle tied completely around the elastic.

The only sewing that will need to be done is when you get to the end of the elastic, you’ll need to sew the ends together by hand or a machine.  You can move the tulle to cover up the stitched part.

Custom Footwear Wearable Crafts

Making your own custom shoes can be fun for both the old and the young.  There’s a couple of different ways to go about making custom shoes.  You can either decorate existing shoes or actually make a new pair.  Check out the following wearable craft ideas.

Most shoes can be customized using acrylic paint.  The ideal shoes for painting are canvas shoes.  You can try an easy flower pattern with a small yellow dot surrounded by larger colored dots.  Or you can get adventurous and do a camouflage or leaf pattern.  Even if you just make colorful dots along the edge and band it can greatly change your shoe’s look.   For more ideas to inspire you, visit DIY To Make’s post, 12 Gorgeous Hand-Painted Shoe and Sneaker Ideas.

Flip Flops Wearable Crafts

To make your own flip flops you will need some thick foam and not much of your time.  Here’s is how you do it.


  • One-inch thick foam
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic cording, strips of fabric, or whatever you want to use for the sandal straps
  • Box cutter


First, you need to trace your feet on cardboard leaving a half-inch margin around the edge.  After you cut them out you can use them to trace patterns on the foam.  Using a box cutter, cut out the foam shapes of your feet.  With a pencil mark where the thong will go between your toes and where it will go into the foam base on either side of your foot when you stand on the cutouts.

Use a pencil to poke holes in the foam where the pencil marks are at.  Take two pieces of fabric or cord.  Measure the distance between your central toe mark and one of the side marks. (add a little bit of length to allow for your foot’s arch and then cut to size.  Repeat on the other side.

Next, put hot glue into the central hole and poke the two cords down into the hole.  Hold them together so they are stuck together right at the hole location.  Separate the cords and use the same glue-and-poke procedure for the side holes.

If you want to add some flair you can string beads on the cord before gluing if you want to.

Whichever type of wearable kids craft you choose to make your kids will love the time you spend with them.  For more great ideas see our previous post Kids Paper Crafts.


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