Language and Learning Toys Give Children a Head Start

educational robot toys

Educational toys are popular today and more advanced since our children are more advanced.

Our children have the ability to learn how to mow lawns, drive cars, row a boat, think logically, and even learn a new language.  If we all had the access to learning like our children do today, we’d all be scientists!  The internet provides a huge selection of educational toys.  Below are some popular toys for you to check into:

Chatterbox Toy

This Chatterbox toy is perfect for children two years old and over.  It teaches your child how to learn in a fun and entertaining way using a light portable telephone they can carry.  This gives hours of fun while they are learning new skills.  Your child develops skills in English, Spanish, color, and number skills.  The phone is interactive and allows them to use electronic features to express themselves.  The phone comes preprogrammed and gives your child a number of activities to learn and enjoy.

The Orange Toy

The orange is another great learning toy.  It features pears, cherries, apples, etc.  The tree also grows plums which teaches the child how to harvest quickly before the raven chases them to the finish line.  This game is for two or more players and is geared toward children ages three years and up. 

Your child learns how to distinguish colors and shapes.  It also teaches children how to cooperate and get along with others by taking turns.  Their counting skills are also sharpened.

Teach-a-Tot Doll

This doll teaches everything from pottying, how to tie shoes, button clothes, teeth brushing, and hair combing.  Your child is able to learn basic skills by playing with the doll.  She speaks using a child-like voice and your child is able to find her seven points which activate different actions.  All accessories are available with the tot doll including batteries, a toothbrush, tissue, and a comb.

Language Little Dolls Toys

These dolls are great educational toys that teach your child how to speak Spanish, Chinese, etc.  Your child is able to learn new languages while playing with their new doll friend.  Mandarin teaches your child how to speak Chinese by pressing a button.  Her hand has a feature that when a button is pressed on her hand she gives a greeting and will count to ten with your child in Chinese.  Her knee has a button that when pressed tells your child, “I love you”, in Chinese.

There is a good selection of different languages your child can choose from.  There are booklets that your child uses to translate what the doll says.  It also provides online games that add to language learning fun.  Today’s world is moving more toward being bi-lingual and this doll gives them a head start.

Educational toys are becoming more and more advanced to give your child that extra head start that every parent wants for their children.  For more information on educational toys for babies see our previous post.




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