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paper house

paper house

We all know that craft materials can consist of a large variety of types.  Paper could easily be one of the most versatile kids’ crafts materials there is.  There are so many different types of paper, from construction to newsprint and a vast selection in between.

Because of paper’s variety in its thickness and consistency, it could be the ultimate material for crafting.  Below are some fun kid’s paper crafts ideas:

Paper Lanterns

As with the majority of paper crafts, you can use a number of different paper types for this craft project.  You can choose any paper you prefer.  Wrapping paper is a great option that comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  Let your imagination guide your selections.  You will need your selected paper, glue and scissors.  Let’s get started:

  • Fold a rectangle piece of paper lengthwise in half.
  • Next cut slits along the edge of the fold ¼ to ½ inch apart.  Stop about an inch from the top edge.
  • After unfolding the paper, turn it sideways.
  • Now curve the cut paper around and attach the ends of the rectangle using glue. (staples or clear tape are also options)
  • Take a strip of paper and glue each end across the top making a curve. (You can make several lanterns and string them on yarn or chord using this handle)

Up-cycling Paper Bags

If you take your lunch to work or school, odds are that you have used quite a few of these handy bags.  Why not get the most out of them and up-cycle them to make some fun crafts? Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Gift Bag – You can create a custom gift bag that’s the perfect size for giving a jar candle or other similar shaped gift.
  • Puppets – To make a puppet just fold a paper bag so that its bottom is flush with the side (the way it usually is in the package). On the flap (which is the underside of the bag when it’s unfolded) you can make a face using cut-outs from construction paper, buttons, markers, or googly eyes and so forth.  Your options are endless. Bird faces work well because the beak overlaps and covers the flap just like an upper “lip.” Put your hand inside and make your puppet come to life!
  •  Luminaries – Use a hole punch to make designs on the sides of a folded paper bag.  After you open it up, fill the bottom with an inch of sand and place your tea light or votive candle in it.  Be sure your candle is placed well away from the bag’s sides.  Do not use near grass, foliage or any objects that could ignite.  You will want to use these outdoors on the driveway or sidewalks where there is concrete.

House Building

You can check with your local library or search online for a paper house template.  For printable templates see DLTK house templates.  The tabs along the edges of the template are for you to use to attach the walls.  Print it out on the paper color and type that you selected.  If you want to you can color any parts of your house that you choose.  To assemble your cut out template, fold it along the lines and then glue the tabs together.


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