Homemade Toy Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Ever thought of turning your household items into fun toys? Many of these ideas can be made from household objects you would send to the recycling center or throw away. Try the following homemade toy ideas using everyday household items.

Amazing “Levitating” Balls

For this fun toy, you will need a hairdryer and a couple of ping pong balls (or similarly light and hollow balls). Point the hair dryer’s nozzle upward and turn it on. Keep it steady and place a ball into the airflow. Now let go of the ball and the hairdryer will keep it suspended in the air up to a foot above the hair dryer’s nozzle. Try adding additional balls into the air stream.

Baby Rattle

This is for babies that are still too young to unscrew a cap. To make a rattle out of a plastic water bottle, simply fill it with colorful, dry beans and screw the cap back on (be sure bottle is dry before adding beans). This is good auditory and visual stimulation when the baby shakes or rolls the rattle.

Stacking Building Blocks

Cover used boxes that are lightweight and large such as boxes used for gifts, tissues, shoes, etc. with wrapping paper. These make ideal stacking blocks for young children that can be easily replaced if damaged.

Beat Those Drums

You can make a great drum using the cardboard containers that oatmeal comes in. The plastic lid makes a great drum-head that your kids will love to beat on. You can also use any cylinder-shaped container. If it doesn’t have a lid, cut a balloon to make a rubber “skin” and stretch it over the canister using a rubber band to secure it.

Marble Race

Kids can make this simple or more elaborate depending on their interest level and age. You will need the following:

  • Various sizes of sturdy cardboard tubes such as paper towel tubes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Disk magnets (any flat magnets that are lightweight such as refrigerator magnets)
  • Plastic tubs such as a margarine or yogurt container

Glue two or three magnets in a straight line down the side of each tube. Now glue several magnets to the side of your plastic tub. Place the tubes in various patterns and designs on a magnetic surface such as a refrigerator. Position the plastic tub at the end to catch the marbles.

The most important thing is to have fun and let the children’s creativity shine.  For more information on the benefits of using a homemade toy from household items see the Soccer Mom’s article.

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