Educational Toys That Stimulate A Kid’s Creativity

kids creative toys

kids creative toys

Back when we were kids, Baby Alive Dolls were all the rage.  These dolls taught little girls how to care for a baby.  The doll would eat and go potty just like a real baby.  Thank goodness times have changed and we now have a wide array of educational toys that encourage child development beyond learning how to care for an infant.  For example, today we have toys that teach children how to operate a vehicle.  We have toys that develop our children’s learning skills and stimulate a kid’s creativity.

It’s easy to find educational toys on the internet that your child can benefit from.  They are sources of great help in your child’s development.  The toys are available for every age to cover the various stages of a child’s learning process.

Life Cycle Sets

Your child can learn so much from the Life Cycle Sets by Safari Ltd.  These educational toys are great tools to help children understand the changes organisms go through from the time of birth to full maturity. These toy figure sets contain scientifically accurate figures that show how animals progress from egg to chicken, tadpole to frog, from caterpillar to butterfly, and much more.

Tubation Toy

Tubation is a toy that consists of interlocking tubes that allow children to construct everything from pipelines to space stations.  This toy is also suitable for younger children because its pieces are all easy to handle and to fit together and are made of safe unbreakable plastic. Tubation stimulates children’s creative thinking and reasoning skills while developing their motor skills and spatial awareness.

Tubation inspires children and develops creative abilities to build amazing construction toys. 


Every child’s mind requires ongoing stimulation in order for them to develop healthy skills as they grow.  If you are looking for something new to inspire them, check into Filo.  Filo is an educational toy that triggers a child’s imagination.  Children learn through colorful patterns as they create and lace.  This helps your child’s hand and eye coordination while encouraging your child’s creativity.

Magnetic Sketching Boards

The Magnetic Sketching boards are great learning tools for your child.  Children can draw, write, and play games using the stylus which encourages your child’s creativity.   This is a great way for children to learn to express themselves and communicate better. It cultivates your child’s artistic ability and shows the inner capabilities of their mind, helping you to learn more about your child.

Rather than promoting violent video games that can influence your children in a negative way, help your child grow into a healthy, successful adult.  Check online and find educational toys that stimulate your kid’s creativity.  See our previous post, Educational Toys Can Influence A Child’s Career Path.


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