Educational Toys Teach Money Recognition

money recognition

Kids of all ages love to play with money and pretend at being grown-up while they “pay” for various things.  Educational money recognition toys help your child learn basic management and math skills.

Adults understand that even though the nickel is bigger than the dime it doesn’t have the greater value.  However, for children, that concept isn’t as easy to master.  The first thing they must learn is understanding what money is and recognizing the various values assigned to each.

So, what are some of the toys that teach children money skills?  Glad you asked.  Below are some great toys that can educate your children on the concept of money.

Money Toys by Learning Resources

Play Money

Learning Resources has play money for children.  The set includes actual-size bills and coins that have accurate details just like the real ones.  Children can learn how to identify bill and coins while learning basic math skills and how to make change and count it out.

Pretend Check Book & Calculator

Kids are able to play grown-up writing their own pretend checks.  The checkbook comes with pretend life-size checks, pen, cover, and record books.  This is a great way to learn how to manage their money.  The calculator helps them figure out their payments and calculate their balance.  The calculator is solar-powered eliminating the hassle of batteries.  Also included are deposit slips that can help children keep track of their money.  Children will love to learn about check writing and record-keeping of checks they have written.

play money

Cash Register

Children love to learn with this teaching cash register.  It teaches basic math and coin identification.  It has 4 games that increase in difficulty level.  The cash register has a built-in scanner, coin slot, and scale.  Transactions come to life with lights and sounds.

It’s important that children be exposed to educational money recognition toys since the schools are more focused on math, not money.  Considering that everything in our lives revolves around money it’s a vital life skill that all children need.  Some experts suggest that kids learn about money as soon as they’re old enough to learn not to put it in their mouth.  However, you know your child better than anyone else does and can make the decision when they should start.





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