Educational Toys for Tots that Teach and Encourage

motor skills

Technology has developed a large selection of toys for tots that teach children at very early ages.  We all want our children to grow into brilliant, well-adjusted adults.  Now, even children as young as one-year-old have the ability to learn from educational toys and develop cognitive and motor skills.   These toys can expand children’s curiosity and encourage their progress in learning valuable life skills.

Developing Motor Skills

Motor skills are when children learn to gain control over their movements.  Research has shown that if children fall behind in their motor skills they can become insecure which affects their social connections.  This can cause children to fall behind in terms of learning. 

The following are the two different types of motor skills:

  • Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are often referred to as eye-hand coordination.  They involve moving the smaller body parts like your hands or fingers.  .Educational toys can further develop and enhance these skills making it more efficient and easier for your child to make movements using their fingers, forearms, and hands.  

  • Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are referred to as the conscious movement of large body parts such as arm and legs, at the same time in sequence.  These would be for controlled and conscious movements. The development of children’s gross motor skills is greatly stimulated when children play outside.

Problem Solving Skills

Educational toys, such as building blocks and puzzles teach children how to problem-solve. They learn that if this piece doesn’t fit there, it must be turned or moved somewhere else and if this block keeps falling down, perhaps a different size or shape should be used. These are only two examples of how educational toys teach problem-solving.


Legos teach children eye-hand coordination. Your child learns to grasp small objects, release, and turn objects using their motor skills.  Children love building things with Legos as they build their hand and finger coordination.  The bright colorful pieces allow children to have hours of building fun.

ThinkRoll & Play

Toddlers learn from the things around them and rely on sound and visuals to help them develop new skills.  ThinkRoll & Play has children roll the big plush cube and select a card with the matching color.  Next, they act out whatever activity is shown on the card.  Therefore, every roll brings a new opportunity for learning and fun.  This family-bonding toddler game encourages active play, creativity, and gross motor skills.  

Lock & Rock Musical Shakers

Babies and toddlers love the bright sounds and colors that these four different musical shakers have.  The large handles make it easy for little hands to grab and shake.  The musical shakers can be linked together or played separately while your toddler develops vital motor skills. 

Teddy Wear  

Learning the basics of self-care has never been so much fun for toddlers.  This plush toy, Teddy Wear, is dressed in a removable outfit full of buttons, zippers, buckles, laces, and self-stick tabs.  These keep little fingers working hard and challenge children while encouraging them.  This fun toy is a great way to develop problem-solving and motor skills for children.

The market has an endless supply of toys for tots that teach that you can offer your child.  It’s important to provide them with educational toys that are as fun as they are beneficial to their growth and development.  For more information on sparking your child’s imagination, see our previous post, Educational Toys that Stimulate A Kid’s Creativity.




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