Educational Toys for Speech Problems

speech delay toys

speech delay toys

If your child is having speech problems preventing him or her from communicating with others they should see a doctor first.  The doctor can assess their hearing to see if that is playing a role in their speech problems.  If there is a medical issue, it should be addressed while you try to help your child from home.  From home, you can provide educational toys that assist children’s speech problems.  The more language activities that your child can get to have fun and talk, will assist them with their communication skills.


There are some great toys that will talk to your child and prompt them to repeat back what they say.  LeapFrog offers toys that assist in learning and that your child can cuddle with too.

  • Hug and Learn Game

This adorable frog talks to children having them repeat back what he says.  He teaches children their alphabet, phonics, reasoning, manners, phonics, and colors.  His body has pictures of letters and numbers that when touched he will say what they touched.  There are different modes offered so that they can play search and play games also.  He teaches children to sing along with him using the alphabet and number songs.  At night when he is turned off, he can be their sleeping and cuddle buddy.

Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics Get Ready to Read, is a fun game that can help if your child has a speech problem.  This has fun-filled activities for kids mainly between the 3-5 year age group.  It teaches them sounds, letters, and matches letters with picture cards.  It also provides CDs that children can sing along with to help them learn while they sing.  

Talking Toys

Offering toys that talk to your child can help teach them by your encouragement for them to talk back.  Repeating phrases and sentences is very helpful to children.  This will give you quality time with your child while you play along and help them with their pronunciation of words.

  • Touch and Teach Word Book

VTech offers an educational toy book for pre-k aged children called Touch and Teach Word Book.  It enhances children’s fine motor skills, expands their vocabulary, and introduces ABCs and new words.  The pages react to your child’s touch with sounds, words, and music.

Make learning fun when trying to teach a child to talk that has a speech problem.  Praise them for their efforts and continue to encourage them.  See our previous post, Language and Learning Toys Give Children a Head Start for more information on how toys can play a vital role in your child’s development.



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