Educational Baby Toys

educational baby toy

educational baby toy

Babies are constantly learning from the moment they are born.  Actually, they begin learning even inside their mother’s womb.  Each task like learning to drink from a bottle is learned, and they continue to learn at an amazing rate.  There’s no better way to help your baby learn new skills than with toys.  Buying a newborn baby a toy is fun for the baby and the parents too.  Most department stores will have educational toys displayed for all ages that you can see hands-on before you purchase.   Look for toys that help teach your baby needed skills from the start of their life.


Babies are constantly discovering new things from the time they come into the world.  Language development starts at birth.   Educational toys help them recognize new sounds, touches, and words as they explore and play with them.  For example, toys that play music and talk help the child’s language skills as they grow.  Hearing is vital for a baby’s health and development.  If you notice that something seems wrong contact your doctor right away.


baby with doll

Even a baby’s first doll can be educational.  Infants learn to interact and cuddle and develop their sense of touch.  Find the right doll for your baby.  Both boy and girl dolls are available so you can choose whichever would be appropriate.  They will love this new learning experience.


By choosing dolls that have different shapes on the head and face it teaches them about different textures.  When you can select a doll that has different touch experiences from the different clothing textures.  Dolls with knotted feet are great for the baby to teeth on.  Be sure to check any new doll for parts that may be harmful and pop off like buttons.  This could be a dangerous choking hazard.


There are now videos made for newborns on up.  They come in various age ranges so be sure to check that its appropriate for your child.  Videos teach the baby new sounds that they may have not yet been exposed to.  As they watch it, the words and pictures begin to program their brains to put the pictures and sounds together.  If you’re looking for videos your newborn can watch visit for video ideas.


Musical teething rings expose your new baby to musical sounds and different textures.  There are some that come with a mirror that teaches your baby to know who they are and allows them to see their facial expressions.  If you find one that has an easy-grip your baby will learn how to hold things.


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