A Guide to Kids Group Crafts for Any Age

There are some differences between one-on-one crafts and kid’s group crafts.  When doing crafts in a group setting you want to be sure to select projects that allow the kids to do some things on their own, but not too easy to where they get bored quickly and lose interest.  Group craft materials shouldn’t have a lot of pieces and you will want to buy these in bulk so keep these things in mind when selecting projects.  For discounted bulk materials see Academic Gadgets Art Section.  Here’s a couple of great ideas that are sure to make your kid’s group crafts fun for any age.

The following is ideal for a kids group with age ranges from preschool to early grade school.

Kids Group Crafts- Letter Magnets


  • White glue
  • Construction paper
  • Blank 4 x 6 index cards
  • Flat adhesive magnet strips
  • Various flat materials for creating each child’s initial – markers, paint, beads, glitter glue, buttons, small shells, etc.
  • Hot glue gun (to be used by an adult)

Each child should get three index cards that they will use to put the first initial of their name on each card.  They can begin creating their initials with the materials you have provided.  It’s a good idea for the adults to lightly draw with pencil the younger children’s initials for them to use as a guide.

The construction paper cut into rectangles a little bigger than the index cards makes a frame for their initials to be attached to using the white glue.  Now attach the magnets to the back of the construction paper frames that hold the letters.  The children can now proudly display their creations on any magnetic surface.

Kids Group Crafts-Candle Crafts

This kid’s group craft is for older children and requires more skill and interest than crafts for younger kids.  See Michael’s candle making materials available on their site if you would like to expand your supplies.


  • Old candles
  • Crayon stubs
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • Electric skillet
  • Old metal cans such as soup cans
  • Containers for the candles such as mugs, seashells, jars, or teacups
  • Hot pads
  • Packing string
  • Hot glue gun

Add a couple of inches of water in the skillet and heat until the water simmers.  Sort crayon bits by color and add the crayons along with the old candles into the metal cans and place them into the hot water.  When the wax is melted, you can add one or two drops of the essential oils.

While the wax is melting you want to get your candle container ready.  Cut a piece of string to use as the wick and attach it to the bottom of the container using hot glue.  Tie a pencil to the loose end of the wick that will keep the wick straight when pouring the wax in.  Lay the pencil over the top of the container.

Use a hot pad and gently pour the melted wax into the container.  If using a glass or porcelain container, be sure to pour gradually to prevent cracking.  After the wax has cooled down, remove the pencil and trim the wick.  Light and enjoy!


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